State and local governments provide vital services to their citizens and keep them safe. They are also one of the largest employers in the country. Without counting public schools and hospitals, they employ about 14 million people in the US. However, they’re also wrought with antiquated systems, broken processes, paperwork overwhelm, lack of transparency, and underutilization of smart technologies.

If you are a municipal leader, everyday citizen or work for a state or local government across the US, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to RethinkIT, a podcast for municipal leaders, IT managers, CIOs, city or county council members,  that focuses on trends in government IT, as well as its current best practices and challenges. Hosted by Abhijit Verekar, the show features special guests every week from various municipal agencies across the US to share their insights on how to rethink IT and make the Government smarter and more efficient.

Episode Blogs

RTI S3 2 | Transformation Through Technology
How do you take a system inundated with outdated technology and bring it back to efficiency? You begin a transformation through technology, that’s how. In this episode, Abhijit Verekar gets into an informative conversation with Ivory Mathews, CEO of Columbia Housing, about transforming an antiquated system into a modern, efficient one. Ivory shares the experiences that led to her coming to work with Columbia Housing and how they are turning an antiquated system into a world-class one
RTI S3 1 | Enterprise Risk
  Cybersecurity and enterprise risk may sound like business buzzwords, but they are absolutely crucial to the stability of businesses. With the continuing rise of cyberattacks on businesses, not having a cybersecurity plan is setting yourself up for failure. In this episode, Abhijit Verekar discusses these two crucial elements with Avero Advisors’ Senior Manager, Robert Kornovich. With over two decades of experience in IT strategic planning, Robert has a lot of insights to share on
RTI S2 11 Joe LaCroix | Government IT
  Internally, the noise is always going to be there in the Government IT—every department has its say. How do you cut through the noise? Today’s guest is Joe LaCroix, the IT Director in the town of Farragut, Tennessee. Joe discusses with Abhijit Verekar how talking to the executive management about the goals of the entire town is an essential first step. Then you try to put the pieces in place for the individual departments. On top of
  Although rarely talked about, the public housing industry is more than just brick and mortar. In its more profound sense, it is about community building and connectivity. Joining Abhijit Verekar is the Executive Director at the Morristown Housing Authority in Tennessee, Sean Gilbert. He talks about the process of modernization in housing, especially in this time of the pandemic, how to maximize public transportation, and how to connect residents with job opportunities effectively. Sean also shares his work on
  In this episode, Abhijit Verekar invites Christopher Liersaph from Union County, NC, about how he transitioned from being a document management domain specialist to becoming an IT director-level generalist. Christopher touches on the skills required in this move and what he thinks about innovation and applying that to leadership in technology. He also shares how they are doing during this pandemic, what strategies they are implementing, and what are the key things they are learning
RTI S2 8 | Building Communities
  The public housing industry is about building communities where people can connect with one another. Joining Abhijit Verekar on how this mission can be integrated into the industry is author and advocate for affordable housing and national housing policy reform, Eugene Jones Jr. Eugene shares how PHAs take advantage of the power of technology to innovate their processes, making public housing even more accessible to the public, especially when providing information to nearby establishments and
  Ensuring a major US city’s survival during COVID-19 is challenging enough, let alone leading it towards commendable modernization efforts aimed at making its residents’ lives better. Cincinnati may be in the Rust Belt, but its city management team is far from rusty. Manned by a talented workforce and forceful leadership, the city has managed to perform beautifully in technological solutions, including the massive undertaking of providing Wi-Fi access to identified lower-income neighborhoods. As Assistant
  Everything we do in government is all about achieving quality service delivery to our communities. A lot of that can be achieved through design thinking and business process redesign, but it can often be a challenge when you have a team of people who were never empowered to think outside of the transactional box. Mark Wheeler sees this as one of the biggest responsibilities he is called upon as Philadelphia’s CIO. Possessing years of
RTI S2 5 | Shovel Ready Projects
  During the pandemic, necessity has driven a lot of change in many organizations worldwide. Many government organizations were agile enough to gather resources like CARES funding quickly to complete shovel-ready projects. However, others did not take advantage of this funding. During this podcast, Abhijit Verekar and Mike Caffrey discuss the basics of creating a COVID-resilient government organization. As the pandemic continues to take a toll, the CARES funding deadline has been extended to December

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