State and local governments provide vital services to their citizens and keep them safe. They are also one of the largest employers in the country. Without counting public schools and hospitals, they employ about 14 million people in the US. However, they’re also wrought with antiquated systems, broken processes, paperwork overwhelm, lack of transparency, and underutilization of smart technologies.

If you are a municipal leader, everyday citizen or work for a state or local government across the US, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to RethinkIT, a podcast for municipal leaders, IT managers, CIOs, city or county council members,  that focuses on trends in government IT, as well as its current best practices and challenges. Hosted by Abhijit Verekar, the show features special guests every week from various municipal agencies across the US to share their insights on how to rethink IT and make the Government smarter and more efficient.

Episode Blogs

RTI 3 | Virtual Court Systems
  The term circuit court is usually applied to trial courts of general jurisdiction. Its core concept requires judges to travel to different locales to ensure wide visibility and understanding of cases in a region. However, with the current lockdown procedure right now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, physically meeting in court poses a challenge. Joining Abhijit Verekar and co-host Mike Caffrey on today’s show is Tom Hatcher, a Circuit Court Clerk for Blount County, Tennessee.
RTI 2 | Innovative City
  A city that thrives is a city that knows how to innovate. In this episode, Abhijit Verekar talks with Brian Platt about how he is fulfilling his role as the City Manager/Business Administrator and the Chief Innovation Officer for the City of Jersey City, New Jersey. He talks about what innovation means for cities and shares some of the biggest successes in his municipal career. Putting technology at the heart of it, Brian discusses how he
RTI 7 | Smart City
  In this technological world, the public sector should find the smartest ways to leverage the latest technology in its efforts to extend quality service to its constituents. What differentiates a smart city from others is not its possession of the most sophisticated technological advancements, but its way of figuring out how to efficiently use what is available to it. In this episode, Abhijit Verekar taps into Rick Cole’s rich experience as a public servant in
RTI 1 | Build A Great Community
  City managers and administrators are the key people who connect elected leadership and professional staff to serve a community well. That is why taking on this job is no easy feat. Fortunately, with great people on the position, the vision to serve and build a great community is within reach. Eric Stuckey, City Administrator of the City of Franklin, TN, speaks with host, Abhijit Verekar, about the things they have been doing at Franklin. He talks
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