State and local governments provide vital services to their citizens and keep them safe. They are also one of the largest employers in the country. Without counting public schools and hospitals, they employ about 14 million people in the US. However, they’re also wrought with antiquated systems, broken processes, paperwork overwhelm, lack of transparency, and underutilization of smart technologies.

If you are a municipal leader, everyday citizen or work for a state or local government across the US, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to RethinkIT, a podcast for municipal leaders, IT managers, CIOs, city or county council members,  that focuses on trends in government IT, as well as its current best practices and challenges. Hosted by Abhijit Verekar, the show features special guests every week from various municipal agencies across the US to share their insights on how to rethink IT and make the Government smarter and more efficient.

Episode Blogs

RTI S2 4 | Internet Access
  Even as advanced as the world has gotten in terms of technology, many people still do not have access to internet. Sometimes, it is just not available in the area; other times, it is not affordable. In this episode, Abhijit Verekar sits down with Mike Caffrey to continue their conversation around this topic. Mike discusses the results from his CBRS – Proof of Concept, sharing with us its success and the reasons for it.
  Many housing authorities suffer from the lack of IT support, even the big ones. In this day and age, having the team and systems behind you could take you a long way. Host Abhijit Verekar invited for today’s show the Senior Manager at Avèro, Robert Kornovich, who has been very involved in the Public Housing Authority Practice. Here, he talks about the challenges that often get in the way of efficient operations. He discusses
    Am I spending too much? Are we behind the times and too slow? These are often questions that Avèro hears from its clients regarding Information Technology (IT) within their organizations. Today, IT modernization means so many things to many different people. In this conversation, Mike Caffrey and Abhijit Verekar share their thoughts on proven roadmaps, pitfalls to look for, and spend traps to avoid when it comes to IT modernization. It’s easy to
    Access to affordable, high speed or ANY Internet is increasingly seen as a utility across the world. Most especially at a time where we’re all forced into our homes, bringing with us our work and even school, having the right internet access is a must. In this episode, Abhijit Verekar explores with Mike Caffrey, the Vice President and Partner at Avèro Infrastructure and Avèro Advisors, wi-fi zones, 5G, StarLink, and Citizens Broadband Radio
  What many people don’t realize is that local governments are big enterprises that require good communication and coordination systems to work efficiently. A lot of the problems that cities face right now can be solved with the proper use of government technology and with the help of someone who has both the technical expertise and bureaucratic clout to make things happen.  With his stellar performance as former CDO for the City of Los Angeles
  The past two decades have been an era of hyper-growth for the City of Pearland, TX. For city manager, Clay Pearson, it’s just the right environment for his strategic and innovative mind to work. Having held the reins as Chief Executive Officer since 2014, he sees the need for the city government to be strategic and flexible in adopting information technology systems that allow it to keep up with the demands of ensuring quality
  In the spirit of delivering more efficient, responsive, and reliable service, utility companies around the country are adopting digital innovations in their systems and physical technologies. Such is the case with Knoxville Utilities Board, whose President and CEO, Gabe Bolas joins Abhijit Verakar for this interview. There is a reason why we take utilities for granted and why we really should –  utilities are such basic necessities to our modern lifestyle that excellent service means we can
RTI 16 | IT In Public Housing
  The public housing sector is not just about providing livable spaces, but also ensuring a better quality of life for everybody. How are cities responding to this need with the help of information technology? Joining Abhijit Verekar to present the case of Knoxville, Tennessee, is Ben Bentley, the CEO and Executive Director of Knoxville’s Community Development Corporation (KCDC). Far from just being a helpful tool, Ben considers IT as a utility, something that everyone needs to thrive
  One of the biggest points that organizations should consider is how to give customers the confidence that they can transact with them in whichever way they want without compromising the security of their data or account information. To do that, they need to have the infrastructure or the functionality in their IT environment. Joining Abhijit Verekar and co-host Mike Caffrey on today’s podcast is Jaydeep Palkar, who oversees the PCI Compliance and General Governance for

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