State and local governments provide vital services to their citizens and keep them safe. They are also one of the largest employers in the country. Without counting public schools and hospitals, they employ about 14 million people in the US. However, they’re also wrought with antiquated systems, broken processes, paperwork overwhelm, lack of transparency, and underutilization of smart technologies.

If you are a municipal leader, everyday citizen or work for a state or local government across the US, you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to RethinkIT, a podcast for municipal leaders, IT managers, CIOs, city or county council members,  that focuses on trends in government IT, as well as its current best practices and challenges. Hosted by Abhijit Verekar, the show features special guests every week from various municipal agencies across the US to share their insights on how to rethink IT and make the Government smarter and more efficient.

Episode Blogs

  It is in the best interest of the government and innovators to join hands and move together into the future so they can better the lives of people. This episode’s guest, Tom Ballard, the Chief Alliance Officer of PYA, P.C., has successfully done that. He sits down with host, Abhijit Verekar, to take us into how Knoxville, Tennessee, has made innovation its focal point and how he is leading in putting people who are innovating in
  When we have somewhere we want to go, we often just think about where we are and where we want to go. We often overlook the roads that take us there and the work that is put into roadway management. Joining Abhijit Verekar on today’s podcast is James Golden, the Founder and CEO of Pavement Management Group. James talks about roadway management and how it can be upgraded and improved. His company focuses on the engineering
  Innovation is everywhere. However, it’s a word that’s often used in the wrong connotations. For Nicole Raimundo, the Chief Information Officer at the town of Cary, North Carolina, innovation is all about automating processes and delivering services better. On today’s podcast, Nicole joins Abhijit Verekar to share how she found herself being the CIO of the town of Cary. She also shares how they’re implementing and leveraging IoT technologies in the public sector and keeping
  When organizations or cities innovate, more often than not, the reason is to provide a better experience for the people. Taking this to one of the busiest facilities in any parts of the world, Abhijit Verekar talks to Trevis Gardner, the Vice President of Operations for the Metropolitan Knoxville Airport Authority in Knoxville, Tennessee and the CIO for the Airport Authority. Here, Trevis shares with us how he spearheaded airport innovation in his city, giving us a
  A great city manager who pushes its city forward brings innovation at the forefront of what they do. Greg McClain, City Manager for the City of Maryville, Tennessee, is nothing short of being innovative. When he was at the City of Alcoa, he got rid of a T1 line and strung up the first fiber optic cable in the county, keeping it from being left behind. In this episode, he joins Abhijit Verekar to tell us more
RTI 6 | City Manager
  The job of a city manager, for the most part, goes unsung when talking about the scene of local government, but their impact is much greater than people tend to give them credit for. Their invisible hand guides steady progress in a city and makes sure that the day-to-day operations of a city go as smoothly as possible. C. Seth Sumner is the City Manager of Athens, TN. He sits down with Abhijit Verekar
RTI 8 | Effective Leadership
  A lot of times, effective leadership entails stepping out of the limelight and away from all the glamor to be able to focus on building the best foundation for your organization to work efficiently. Kimberly Bailey, the Chief Information Officer for the City of Memphis, TN, is such a great leader. She has been able to lead her team successfully, even in a situation where everybody is forced to make a radical shift in the
  Internet and information technology are key factors that cities these days must possess. From various city departments to residential areas, the need for connecting everyone to the web has become a necessity. In this episode, Abhijit Verekar interviews Theogene Melancon, the City Manager of Dayton, Texas. Intending to use tech to make smarter decisions and processes for their city, Theogene talks about how they are taking cybersecurity to the next level, how they are hiring
RTI 4 | Higher Level Of Service
  More than helping you become more efficient and get a lot of work done, innovation is all about providing a higher level of service to others. In this episode, host Abhijit Verekar invites Bob Wilson, Assistant City Manager of the City of Johnson City, TN, to discuss how a smart city needs only to do that and not necessarily by having the latest and most advanced technologies. Here, they talk about how Bob is bringing

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